Packing for Long-Term Travel

Ok so here’s the thing. If you’re a new reader, hi my name is Hanna (Bubu Backpacks) and I’m a nomadic freelance web developer. I’ve been semi-nomadic for the past three months and if everything falls into place, I’ll be making the jump to traveling full time very soon. As I’m working towards that date, it’s been a whole process to narrow down what I need to / can bring with me on the road. I don’t know about you, but I suck at packing (true story one time I went home for winter break (like four weeks) and forgot to pack SHIRTS.)

Stuff: On Leaving and What’s Really Important

Packing up my life and preparing for life on the road has forced me to think about what physical, material possessions I really need to keep and what else is just clutter, taking up unnecessary space in my apartment and my life. Aside from a week’s worth of clothes, my laptop, my camera equipment, my … Continue reading Stuff: On Leaving and What’s Really Important

Thriving in Transience

The thing that scares me the most about traveling long-term isn’t the fear of the unknown, the unpredictability, not knowing where I’m going to sleep every night, or all of the infinite bad things about the world we’re constantly bombarded with from the news. It’s something that I know all too well: The repeated heartbreak … Continue reading Thriving in Transience