How to Experience the Best of Boston on a Tight Budget

Although the Northeast can be a bit chilly in the winter months, Boston is a must-see stop on any tour of the eastern seaboard, or just as a quick city break if you live in the region. The city is famous for its sports, beers, universities, and of course, it’s role in American history, so there’s definitely something for everyone to love and, best of all, it’s totally possible to do Boston on a budget.

5 Steps to Offset Your Carbon Footprint – While Traveling and at Home

My story is undoubtedly similar to all of yours – I took my first long-term backpacking trip at 21, got bitten by the travel bug, and have been addicted to exploring new places and experiencing the world’s natural beauty ever since. However, for many of us based in the United States, flying is synonymous with … Continue reading 5 Steps to Offset Your Carbon Footprint – While Traveling and at Home

How to Pick a Hostel as a Solo Female Traveler

Before I set off on my first solo trip, I was super excited about getting out to explore the world, but I was definitely a little worried about doing it on my own. Even more so, while my family was generally supportive of me wandering around Europe on my own for three months, they were a little more nervous about the types of places I’d be staying. At this point, I’ve spent about eight months of the last two years living in hostels and have definitely seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of hostel life. If you’re planning your first trip, here’s what to look out for in order to pick a hostel and have a good experience.

Why I Travel Alone (and Why You Should Too!)

Hi, I’m Hanna. I’m a travel blogger/web developer from Chicago and I LOVE to travel alone. I’ve traveled in a variety of contexts—with friends, with family, with a large group, with a small group, and by myself. Each of these trips has been a wonderful experience for different reasons. It’s nice to have someone there to share the journey and I definitely wouldn’t complain if someone wanted to tag along, but to me, there’s no better feeling than arriving in a brand new place and being surrounded by strangers just waiting to be turned into friends.

Packing for Long-Term Travel

Ok so here’s the thing. If you’re a new reader, hi my name is Hanna (Bubu Backpacks) and I’m a nomadic freelance web developer. I’ve been semi-nomadic for the past three months and if everything falls into place, I’ll be making the jump to traveling full time very soon. As I’m working towards that date, it’s been a whole process to narrow down what I need to / can bring with me on the road. I don’t know about you, but I suck at packing (true story one time I went home for winter break (like four weeks) and forgot to pack SHIRTS.)

Chicago: Amazing Things To See And Do Without Breaking The Bank

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago is a beautiful, vibrant city with something to offer year-round. Between relaxing on the beaches of Lake Michigan in the summer, sampling the city’s renowned food offerings, or hanging out with friends at one of the city’s many famous bars or music venues, you’ll never be short on things to do in the Windy City.